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RAPT provides leading edge strength and conditioning programs for athletes of all ages. More


We offer various programs for kids including Ninja Warrior course and rock climbing. More

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Adult members training includes general strength and specific fitness goals. More

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RAPT Performance Training in Whitinsville, MA gym and fitness center offers athletic development for adults and children, using the latest techniques in the field of strength training and conditioning.  From personal training, toning and general fitness to Ninja Warrior training, Spartan Race and Obstacle Training and Barbell Club, we’ll inspire you at any age toward all levels and fitness goals.  Moving incrementally yet steadily toward your full potential is our aim, and we’ll achieve it through personal attention to your particular needs. And because reaching and maintaining your greatest speed, agility, power, flexibility, and endurance require sound diet and nutrition, we’ll address that as well.  

As your trainers and personal lifestyle coaches, we are here to inspire, as we know very personally the power that physical transformation can bring.  Sound life habits begin early, so we work with children in both individual and group settings meeting their own and their families’ health goals, setting in place foundational habits good for a lifetime.  School-aged athletes come too, preparing for sports seasons and seeking to avoid incapacitating injuries as do adults prepping for races and those also who’ve never set foot in a gym, but know instinctively that they can’t go the fitness road alone.
We’ll meet all right where they’re at.  From beginner to the most seasoned athlete in need of rigorous, targeted training, we consider each and every goal worthy of inspiration.

General wellness and nutrition are a part of that mix, so we’ll address your diet too. We’ll conduct a nutrition and fitness assessment early on and address what may be essential to add or change, amounts and kinds of foods, what is beneficial when and why that’s so.  If prevention is your aim, we’ll join you in providing the specifics, even sharing recipes and cooking tips tailored to your particular lifestyle and health needs.

Because clients come with different workout styles, for maximum inspiration, we provide both individual and group settings to meet your goals, offering beyond the forementioned,  cardio, weight and core training, family fitness and weight loss programs.

Wellness is not a trend, here today and gone tomorrow. It’s a lifetime journey, and along the way people often discover that reaching their physical goals alone is ineffective and often downright discouraging.  Each RAPT trainer knows this and is inspired to make a difference in the lives of their clients--that’s why they’re in the business.  Our staff is prepared and excited to come alongside you - both figuratively and literally - to help you set, meet, and maintain your goals.

We’re here to make your wishful thinking a reality and are most definitely your personal performance training and fitness center in the Blackstone Valley. Your fitness goals are important. Don’t put them off any longer!

At RAPT in Whitinsville, MA, our success is measured by your success!  Call us today at 774.276.0369 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us.

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