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Before beginning a program at RAPT, athletes will be given a functional movement screening.  This assessment as part of the intake process will assist us in understanding current strength and flexibility while identifying areas for improvement and development.

After the assessment RAPT will create custom programs based on the needs and goals of the athlete as well as assist in execution and complement their strength and conditioning programs provided by coaches. Programs will be based on a standard periodization model: in season, post season, off season, and preseason.  Athletes will complete their personal workout individually or in a group setting under the supervision of RAPT trainers.
RAPT provides leading edge strength and conditioning programs for athletes at our facility.  From speed development, to strength training, mobility, flexibility and agility, our staff provides up and coming athletes with the guidance and support they need to increase their ability to compete at the highest level. Our goal is to educate while training so athletes can provide beneficial feedback that invests in the overall training experience. We hope to not only help our athletes grow and develop but to also thrive and enjoy the journey.

Team Training:
Whole teams or groups of athletes can sign up for a classes geared towards sport specific training. These classes are great for building team chemistry in an off the field environment. Class structure will be based on developing skills specific to the teams sport as well as general fitness. These workouts will incorporate appropriate movement and can include equipment specific to the sport being trained such as a stick, ball, etc.

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