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All adult members will participate in a pre-exercise functional movement screening. This assessment as part of the intake process will assist us in understanding current strength and flexibility while identifying areas for improvement and development.

Members will have their own training session customized to their goals with up to three others. This can include general strength and fitness goals or sport specific activity. RAPT adult training (RAPTletes) consists of high intensity resistance training that challenges different muscle groups in your body. The workouts involve all aspects of fitness: aerobic and anaerobic exercise, muscular strength and endurance, power, mobility, flexibility, and injury prevention. All levels of ability are catered to by modifying exercises to the individual’s capabilities and needs. Adult training classes are focused towards weight loss and general fitness; workouts can be modified to an individual’s needs or goals. Every four weeks we start a new workout cycle. Each cycle has a direct focus (ex. Maximal strength, muscle building, fat loss, etc…) following a 4 week cycle
Private and semi-private personal training is available to members of all ages. All members will work directly with a trainer for one hour. A customized program based on the individuals needs and goals will be administered.   This program also can be structured to include take home workouts, recovery workouts, and other lifestyle challenges.  With small group training (semi-private) you get all the same benefits of private training.

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