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Josh Costa

trainer1 josh costaFounder | Head Trainer | Facilities 

  • International Youth Conditioning Association Speed and Agility Specialist
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • BA in Exercise Science from Castleton University
  • Four Year Starter Varsity Soccer at Castleton University
  • NAC Player of the Year, NAC 1st Team All Star, NSCAA All New England Team, NEISL Senior All Star
  • Castleton State’s Male Athlete of the Year
  • Season Spartan Racer with 12 races completed including the Spartan Trifecta

"Young athletes need a facility and a program that applies to their age and sport specific requirements. My number one priority is to provide participants with foundational movement skills they will use for the rest of their lives. Our program is custom based and designed with short and long term agreed upon goals."

Unlike many gym owners and trainers, Josh has had a razor focus on training education and athletics since High School.  Josh grew up in Sutton, Massachusetts playing baseball, running track, and snowboarding, but he was most known for his accomplishments in soccer.  Josh was a starting player for four years for the Varsity Soccer team at Castleton University in Vermont, where he received a BA in Exercise Science.  
When Josh was a junior in high school, a former professional soccer player developed a cross training workout for his team.  This was a defining moment for Josh; the results were not only an improved performance on the field, but Josh’s physical transformation motivated him to continue the cross training program. Josh took this experience and ran with it - studying Exercise Science in college.  While there, Josh was named Castleton’s Male Athlete of the Year, NAC Player of the Year, NAC 1st Team All Star as well as NSCAA All New England Team, and NEISL Senior All Star.  It was in college that Josh began his certifications including International Youth Conditioning Association Speed and Agility Specialist.  Josh also became a certified National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  After a few years of personal training, Josh began training small groups of kids at local fields and homes, hoping to impart the memorable experience he had in high school. 
Eventually, Josh’s success and hard work led to the opening of RAPT, where Josh and his trainers work day in and out to help their clients reach their goals. Josh’s focus at RAPT is maintaining industry knowledge, while teaching his clients that for every goal, there is an individual path to training and fitness.  Josh’s clients love the constant progression and regression of exercise selection, with no two days being alike.  
When he is not training, Josh finds time to play competitive soccer both indoors and out.  He and his wife, Kelly, are Season Spartan racers, having completed 16 Spartan competitions including the Spartan Trifecta.  Josh has imparted his love of Spartan races on his clients, with a RAPT presence at nearly every local Spartan race.  The Costa’s four-legged mascot, Hazel, a brown labrador retriever, is also a friendly fixture at RAPT.

Dan Jones

 Hi my name is Coach Dan. I’ve played most sports throughout my life but focused on Football and Track in High School and College. One day I was watching American Ninja Warrior with my family and my son asked if I could do what the Ninjas were doing on TV. Without thinking I said “No”. I decided right then that I didn’t want my boys growing up thinking things were impossible so I started building obstacles, and training. Since then I’ve been a tester for the show, won Ninja competitions, went back to school for strength and conditioning in my 40s, and helped run two different Ninja gyms. Ninja Warrior is an amazing sport and I can’t wait to share it with your Ninjas.

Greg Lazeren

Greg has almost 20 years of experience training youth athletes and adults of all ages from a broad range of sports.  

     In both private and team settings he has trained competitive athletes in hockey, tennis, squash, soccer, baseball, basketball, football and lacrosse. 

     Greg believes everyone is an athlete and uses a “movement first” approach to training. In both private and group settings he is committed to getting people stronger, more mobile and resilient to injury. 

     He has also partnered with sports chiropractors and physical therapists in developing “Return To Play” plans for injured athletes and adult patients. 

     He holds certifications as a certified personal trainer and performance enhancement specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine as well as being a Level 2 Certified Functional Strength Coach.

Melissa McEleath


  • trainer4 melissa mceleathLevel 1 International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) certification
  • Studying for Personal Training Certification and IYCA Nutrition Certification
  • Scottish Highland Games competitor

I have been a part of several school systems since graduating from Springfield College in 1999. I have taught Physical Education to grades K-7 and 9-12 in western Mass. before coming back to where I did most of my growing up. I have also had the pleasure of working as an Instructional Assistant for grades 7-9 and as a Paraprofessional for students with moderate to severe disabilities.  I have been a coach for softball and cross country, and assisted with the mountain biking club. Teaching Physical Education brings me lots of smiles and joy, who wouldn’t love to play all day! I currently teach Physical Education at two private schools, St. Mary in Shrewsbury K-8 and Assumption in Millbury Pk-8. I also teach Health to grades 6-8 at Assumption.
When I am not teaching or at the gym, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful family and friends. My husband and I have two wonderful children with lots of energy and smiles. We love to travel, go for walks, sing, play with legos, have tea parties…etc. My husband and I are currently athletes competing in the Scottish Highland games. We enjoy working out together and traveling around New England and being a part of the Games.

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