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trainer5 tammi gormanCo-owner | Trainer

  • ASCM Certified Personal Trainer

  • 10 Years’ experience as an ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified fitness instructor

  • Spartan Race Trifecta Finisher

  • mother of five

  • teacher at Whitinsville Christian School

  • M.Ed. in Education from Harvard

With over ten years’ experience in the fitness industry, Tammi often refers to her partnership at RAPT as a dream come true.  Tammi is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and an ACE Certified Fitness Instructor.  Over the years, she has enjoyed leading a variety of fitness classes including cardio, step, and boot camp.
While training with Josh Costa she was presented the opportunity to become his business partner.  With her confidence in Josh’s ability to succeed as the Head Trainer, she knew that she was signing onto something special.

Although Tammi’s role at RAPT is focused on the business side, it is a rare morning that you do not see Tammi working hard and training alongside RAPT clients.  Josh and Tammi compliment each other in this way, with Josh’s focus on the industry and Tammi’s on the business.

In addition to her commitment to RAPT, Tammi is a mother of five and a math teacher at the Whitinsville Christian School.  As part of the RAPT team, Tammi is able to combine her love of teaching and her love of exercise to help youth and adults reach their fitness goals, while educating them on the benefits of strength training and good nutrition.  

Tammi herself is walking proof of RAPT’s success.  Although she grew up with a love for fitness, prior to training with Josh, Tammi could barely complete one push-up, due to an extended illness.  She can now be found pulling herself up over the chin up bars and competing in Spartan races, including the Spartan Beast.  

Tammi believes the RAPT staff, spearheaded by Josh Costa is what sets their facility apart.  She often refers to Josh as a ‘savant’ in the fitness arena.  According to Tammi, trainer, Josh Jackson brings his passion for Olympic Lifting, Christy Cushnie empowers female athletes and provides nutritional coaching, and Melissa McElreath shines while creating a fun fitness program for kids.  


Trainer Q & A:

QUESTION: How did you get into training?
TAMMI: My dad was a weight lifter and built a small weight room attached to our house.  When I was in high school, I used to enjoy working out there.

QUESTION: What is your favorite healthy meal?   

TAMMI:Green Salad - I have loved salad since I was 5. My favorite is with blue cheesse, dried cranberries and chopped nuts.

QUESTION: What is your favorite healthy snack:
TAMMI: Snacks are my favorite - I would rather have a healthy snack then a meal: plain yogurt with fruit, granola and a little honey. Pretzels or apples with peanut butter or any kind of fruit (my favorite is pineapple drizzled with Nutella).

QUESTION: Favorite Exercise?
TAMMI: Deadlift

QUESTION: Least Favorite Exercise?
TAMMI: Any kind of lunge. Especially rear elevated foot lunge.

QUESTION: What do you wish everyone knew about RAPT?
TAMMI: That it is for everyone - not just the intense athlete. Anyone looking to get some exercise with a great group of people should try it.


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