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  • Played four years at The College of the Holy Cross for the womens  basketball team
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer for 5 year
  • CPR and First Aid Certified
  • ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialty Certification

For the past five years I have enjoyed both personal training and group training in VA, SC, and now in MA. Growing up I was a gym rat and have yet to change my ways. While playing college basketball I learned first hand how to train hard and effectively. I enjoy helping others reach their goals by encouraging and guiding them through challenging exercises and helping them adopt healthy life styles through nutrition. When I am not hiking with my husband and dog or in the gym I enjoy visiting my family in Charlottesville and helping out on our family vineyard and winery.


QUESTION: How did you start your journey at RAPT?

CHRISTY: After moving back to Massachusetts from South Carolina, I knew I wanted to find a gym that offered a different style of training.  I wanted to learn something new as well as use my previous training experience.  After hearing about RAPT from a few friends, I knew I had to check it out - and I loved it!

QUESTION: What do you personally offer RAPT clients that is unique?

CHRISTY: With my experience in different levels of athletics, I am able to relate to the athletes who are trying to reach the next level in their particular sport.  I am also able to offer my knowledge of nutrition which helps me give healthy and useful tips to our members through our Accountability program.  

QUESTION: When you are not working out, how do you enjoy your free time?

CHRISTY: My husband and I enjoy visiting local breweries.

QUESTION: What is your favorite healthy meal?

CHRISTY: It is a tie between zucchini lasagne and spaghetti squash pizza (trust me, its good!).

QUESTION: Favorite cheat meal?

CHRISTY: BBQ Chicken Nachos & Beer

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