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  We would like to congratulate Emma Paulhus on being our April athlete of the month! Emma currently plays soccer and runs both the mile and 800 on her track team. Some of her goals have been to run a faster mile time and to develop a set of 6 pack abs! The RAPT coaches have noticed improvements in Emmas upper body strength as well as her over all form in the gym. Emma has become a more confident and aggressive athlete on the playing field, and contributes these gains to her workouts at RAPT. Congratulations Emma, keep up the hard work!


 Congratulations to Steve French, our December athlete of the month! He recently won the 21 day shred challenge and lost 14 lbs! By changing his diet and coming into the gym many times twice a day, Steve was able to reach his fitness goals. Steve has also shown a keen interest in Powerlifting. With various cycles and proper programming, his numbers have gone through the roof! He currently squats 405, dead lifts 425, and benches 265. Hard work and dedication sure does pay off. Keep it up Steve!Screen Shot 2016 12 23 at 11.01.23 AM


We are proud to announce Michael Bell as our October Athlete of the month! Mike is fairly new to RAPT as in within the last six months. He has really bought into our RAPTLETE training system and the results are showing. Mike averages three or four days a week which provides an excellent stimulus for growth. It’s allowed us to see physical changes; things such as posture, muscular definition, enhanced athleticism.The one thing in particular that has made Mike really successful is consistency. Working out is just like everything else we do in life and must be mastered by repetition. Recently, Mike tested his strength in various lifts and his improvements were night and day from he started. I’m always a fan of weights increasing but form and mobility improvements are even better.  When all said and done most of our goals are to look good and move well. Mike has now been with us long enough to go through various fitness cycles and understands what that goal means. There is no comfort zone that gets you results. It’s all about pushing your limits and getting outside that zone. Look for Mike in the gym as he always enjoys a group atmosphere. Congrats and keep up the hard work!


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We would like to congratulate Daveed Goldenberg on making RAPT athlete of the month! Daveed demonstrated his hard work ethic by devoting 2-3 days a week in the gym. During this time he worked on his ninja skills including various obstacles, vertical and horizontal climbs, and spear throws. We expanded his gym experience by adding weight lifting to his training regiment. This, along with his hard work allowed him to finish the Spartan Sprint in under 1.5 hours and the Spartan Super in under 2 hours! Great job Daveed, keep up the hard work. Here is a little bit more about this months athlete of the month...

In the middle of January I decided to make a giant life style change. I had fallen out of exercising regularly and my diet was terrible. But I realized that I needed to change. I got back into running and regained my cardio fairly quickly. I started going to the gym at school nearly every day. Then I found out about the Spartan Sprint in Barre, MA and decided to train for it. I fell in love with the Work Outs of the Day that they emailed me each day and I stuck to them. I completely changed my diet and started eating extremely healthy (for the first time in my life). About a month into the semester I signed up for a membership at the local rock climbing gym. Rock climbing changed me physically and mentally, things that seemed humanly impossible to me 6 months ago I can now do. I learned to believe in myself and trust my body through climbing it pushed me out of my comfort zone, which was the exact thing I needed to be training for the Spartan race. By spring beak, I was in the best distance running shape of my life and I had gained 7 pounds of muscle. Towards the end of the semester though I hit a plateau, and I couldn't break past it for a long time. I joined RAPT after my first Spartan race, when I was a little disappointed with my time. Through the training and support I received at RAPT I was finally able to break through the plateau I was stuck at. The training helped me with everything, I was stronger, faster, my cardio was improved, and I even got better at climbing. At the beginning of this year I could barely do two consecutive pull ups, now I can do over twenty consecutively. This month I competed in the Spartan Super in Barre, MA and came in 23rd overall in the competitive heat, and now I'm gearing up for the Beast in Vermont next month. A year ago my ideal lazy Sunday was sleeping til noon, now its sleeping in until 6:30 then going on a 10+ mile run. This time last year I never would have thought I could have achieved any of this but with the hard work I put in, a change in diet, and the training I received over the summer I've gotten in the best shape of my life and the only way to go from here is up. 


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We would like to congratulate Erin Evans on being selected for our July athlete of the month award. Over the last six months Erin has stayed dedicated and focused in the gym. An individual who came in to lose unwanted post pregnancy weight has achieved and surpassed expectations. It took some time for Erin to get into weight training, but after several months of buying into the rapt system, her body started to change shape and so did her mindset. She decided to set a short term goal of participating in the Spartan sprint at nearby Carter and Stevens Farm. Erin worked hard by upping her endurance training and spending a little extra time on learning how to complete some obstacles that would be in the race. One in particular was learning how to climb the rope. Coach Costa had the pleasure of running the whole race with Erin and couldn’t have been more proud of her accomplishments. Not only was the race a mile and half longer than it was supposed to be but it was hot and nasty outside. She did unbelievable on all the obstacles and nailed the rope climb! It has been a pleasure to see her crush her goals while sparking new interests in the fitness world. We look forward to continuing to train Erin and hopefully running some more races too! Congrats and Aroo Aroo! 




Our April Athlete of the Month goes to Matt Consigli. Matt is what we refer to as a GAMER. When you have been coaching long enough you can see certain characteristics in people during their very first training session. One of those main characteristics being drive. Matt decided to take his baseball career to the next level and tryout for a semi pro baseball called the Garden City Wind. Matt has been working with the trainers at RAPT for about six months and his work ethic has been tremendous. He has packed on some new found muscle and developed explosive power for hitting and sprinting. Throughout this process he faced some hardships of injury and lime disease. Not once did he toss in the towel. He kept pushing and working through what he could. April, he was finally fully healthy and it was crunch time. Matt was in the gym 3-4 days a week on top of a full time job. His hard work has paid off in full. Matt is to start the season for the Garden City Wind will be starting in the infield/outfield and leading his team off at bat. We wish the best of luck to Matt and hope he has fantastic season, possibly leading to higher levels of baseball.

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We like to congratulate Alison Cundiff on our May Athlete of the Month award. Ali is a very humble individual who comes in workouts and gets out, all while having a smile on her face. This get it done attitude towards training has kicked started her fitness journey. Alison has lost 15 pounds in approximately two months. At the rate she is going I would not be surprised if she is down 30 by the end of the summer. I look forward to the sessions to come with Alison. Keep working hard and the results will continue to follow!

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Congrats and keep working hard!

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